Many people have to grapple with chronic pain throughout their life. And to show how serious this problem is, it is estimated that 10 million people in the US live with fibromyalgia, a chronic pain condition. The doctors try to help patients using natural and synthetic medications. The majority of the patients receive pain medications from their well-meaning physicians. Unfortunately, the medicines have side effects.

Due to the need for ways to deal with the issues, Eastern medicine has penetrated the west, and one of the leading remedies is kratom. This herbal remedy is known for its effectiveness in relieving pain and other benefits. Some people have desired to have endless supplies of herbal medication.

People who need to get relief from their pain and enjoy other benefits can take kratom in the following ways:

Toss n’ Wash

take kratom powder by toss n' washTypically, kratom powder is not smoked but is ingested. The toss n’ wash method is the easiest method to introduce kratom into a user’s body. It involves scooping the powder and tipping it into the mouth, swilling it then swallowing it. You can use a non-carbonated drink like fruit juice to wash the powder down and to make them taste less noticeable.

Add to Yogurt

adding kratom to yogurtSome people add kratom powder to yogurt while consuming it, and it seems to work perfectly for them. The most appropriate way is to add it to fruit-flavored yogurts because the whole idea is to conceal the taste of the herbal remedy. However, those who want to take the medication on an empty stomach may not use it as it negates the idea of an empty stomach.

Make Kratom Tea

make kratom teaMaking tea containing herbal medication is another popular way of consuming it. The approach involves boiling the powder in water for about 30 minutes, then giving it time to sit, and then sieve the liquid. According to some users, this method yields better and consistent effects. But it has a downside of being too time-consuming to produce the remedy needed, so those who have no time may not find it appropriate.
You can drink the kratom beverage hot or cold, and the taste is bearable. When chilled, it is even better.

Capsule Form

Swallowing kratom capsules is a good way to get it down your throat without a hint of the taste. It is also very convenient, especially when on the go. But the drawback with the method is you need several capsules at a go to get your dose-in fact at least ten pills. It would help if you chased the tablets with plenty of water.

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