If you wish to have a nose job for whatever reason, one of the critical factors that will determine how fulfilling the outcome will be is your choice of the rhinoplasty surgeon. Nose plastic surgery is a sensitive one and is top of the most complex cosmetic procedures. As such, you need to find well qualified and experienced surgeons with a consistent record of excellent results. Fortunately, you can have your surgery done by the best and award-winning rhinoplasty surgeon in London and have a fantastic transformation on your face.

Here are some of the considerations when picking a rhinoplasty surgeon:

Evaluate their Experience and Expertise

expertiseAnother critical factor in deciding the best surgeon for your nose surgery is their experience and expertise. It would help to find information about the surgeon’s experience and how many nose surgeries they have done throughout their practice. You have to do your homework well by doing online and offline research.

Find as much information as possible on your prospective rhinoplasty surgeons’ professional backgrounds and thoroughly read their resumes. Surgeons who have performed thousands of nose jobs are most likely to be better skilled and experienced and will do a stellar job than novices starting off their careers.

Consider if the Surgeon Is Board Certified

The first and foremost thing to look for when picking a rhinoplasty specialist for your nose job is to check if they are board-certified. For a surgeon or a physician to be certified by a board, they must have completed the crucial training and performed excellently in the relevant exams. After fulfilling the two conditions, they receive their certificate in their specialty to carry out medical practice and surgery.

The rhinoplasty surgeons are certified practitioners in either ENT (ear, nose, and throat) or plastic and reconstructive surgery. However, you must look beyond board certification because some ENT and cosmetic surgeons may not have expertise in rhinoplasty.

Review their Surgical Portfolios

While the other factors of choosing the best surgeon are more theoretical, the review of their portfolio or before and after photos of their patients is a more practical consideration. The surgeon’s skills and experience are manifested by the outcomes they deliver on their patients’ nose surgeries.

You will also be able to assess the style of the rhinoplasty surgeon. However, ensure the photos have a standardized background and lighting and are well-positioned for better and accurate comparison.

On top of the above, consider the word of mouth endorsements from previous patients and any malpractice history, as well as the opinion you form when you meet the surgeon in person.

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