Numerous reasons can lead to people getting advised to stay at home. So, what can you do to keep fit and tone your body indoors? There are several home workout routines you can follow and supplement with products to get the most out of them. You can perform the routines in varying set and reps according to your preference. You can try doing maximum reps in your final workout sets to try and exhaust your muscles.

Here are some exercises you can make use of while at home.


The push-up is one of the most common exercises known to man. The exercise targets the arms, chest and shoulders depending on the variation. The core is slightly impacted but not as much as the other muscle groups mentioned.

If you find regular workouts to be easy, try including more reps and sets. Alternatively, you can use push-up variations such as pike, inclined and declined push-ups, handstand push-ups, among others. These variations will offer a greater challenge than the regular routine.


Who does not want six-pack or eight-pack abs to show off? To effectively target the core/mid-section, sit-ups play a very important role. Focus on contracting and releasing your ab muscles while performing the exercise. Engaging your muscles is the only way to activate them for growth or toning.

Other exercises that engage your core include leg-ups, crunches and the plank hold. If you want to build core strength, plank holds will prove to be helpful.


Never skip leg day! Yes, nobody should skip leg training. Many people who take up fitness without the help of experts tend to end up ignoring some beneficial exercises or muscle groups. Many do this because a routine may be challenging.

Squats are the most common leg training routine that targets numerous muscle groups in our lower bodies. For intermediate trainees, squat variations will help improve the quality of your reps and training.

Apart from doing squats, rope skipping and frog jumping play an effective role in activating your leg muscles. After a minimum of three sets of 10-15 repetitions of squats, your legs should start feeling the workout burn.


If you choose to use these exercises, aim at mixing them up to make your routine. 30-90 minutes of training at home is more than enough to keep your body fit and healthy. Create a realistic routine and start working out from your home today.

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