Bodybuilding is not all about bulking up. Even if your muscles are big, if they are not lean, then it would be useless. That is why, in this arena, there are two major phases, bulking and cutting. First, you have to lift weights so you can build your muscles. After which, you will enter the cutting stage wherein you need to burn fats to make your muscles leaner than before.

To further assist you in achieving your fitness goals, here are effective ways to gain leaner muscles:

Exercise in the Morning

Starting your day even with the simplest exercise is great. And it is highly recommended that you do this before you eat your breakfast. Why? Because if you haven’t eaten yet, your body will be forced to utilize nothing but fat. This right here will already give you the edge. The earlier you start your day with a morning workout, the better.

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Increase Your Protein Intake

Out of all the nutrients, protein has the most important role in building muscles. With this in mind, you must increase your intake. See to it that each meal has this nutrient in it.

There are so many food items that can supply your body with protein. This includes fish, meat (preferably red or lean meat), poultry, and dairy. You can switch things around to make your diet more exciting.

Choose the Right Type of Exercises

The type of exercises that you are performing also have something to do with how lean your muscles will be. Experts say that that compound movements like presses, deadlifts, and squats, just to mention a few, are the best. They should be the foundation of your workout. If you can, try increasing the weight as well to challenge your muscles even more.

It is essential that you do cardio exercises too, as this will help improve your blood circulation. Transporting the nutrients that your muscles need will be so much easier.

Get Some Rest

In bodybuilding, giving your body enough time to recuperate is also a must. You can’t work out every single day because this will wear your muscles out. Make sure that you take a rest in between.

Ideally, you should only work out 3 to 4 times a week. That should give your body enough time to recover.

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